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 Bacon jam music Playing at the Banquet! (weekly Event)

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Lost Teddy

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PostSubject: Bacon jam music Playing at the Banquet! (weekly Event)   Sun Sep 05, 2010 1:36 pm

As Many of you know last Saturday We had a mini Band going on channel 7, many people joined and unfortunately not everyone got to play as much as they wanted. We were also not prepared, but despite all of that Sam and a few other people got notes from people watching us that we very pleasing to read.

Many wanted us to come back next week.

And so i present you with the Weekly Bacon jam sessions.

Here is how its gonna work:

1. I want people who want to join to sign in , In advance

2. In the sign up sheet I want : You In game character name that you are gonna use
Your Playing music Rank
And The list of instrument that you have
Please note that it's not because you have a low rank that you wont get to play. But please understand that you will not get major parts like for example the Flute ( I do not want Mt ears to bleed)

3. If you want to had music please do but note that no Naruto or bleach music A.K.A OVERPLAYED MUSIC will be used.

4. If you do want a certain song to be played i want the link to the mml and i want the list of instrument we are gonna need.

5. The amount of players you need is not important but preferably 5 player to allow more people to take part in the event

I hope That this will become a liked and awaited for weekly Baconkkake Bonding Moment and I pray for its success.

If you feel some changes need to be done please tell me and I will gladly make the appropriate changes.

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Simply Imaginary

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PostSubject: Re: Bacon jam music Playing at the Banquet! (weekly Event)   Sun Sep 05, 2010 10:26 pm

i haz pirits of caribein cin i pla?

I have an alt with cap rank composing and no music knowledge, we're using that to compose, meaning you need to give us the MML itself, not just give us the scrolls. Unless the scrolls were composed with no music knowledge, of course.
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Bacon jam music Playing at the Banquet! (weekly Event)
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