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 Updates and Updates~

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PostSubject: Updates and Updates~   Mon Jan 11, 2010 6:14 am

I'd like to wish you all a very late Happy New Year lol. Laziness has kept me from really updating the site and changing things, but that's done for now.

First off a list of changes done...

- Forum chatbox has once again been activated.
+ There was some issues with having the Chatango box up on the right side so I moved it. If you're more comfortable with that the Chatango box has been moved to the portal page.
+ Mods for the Chatbox are basically me, Marie, Sam and Maka

- Layout Theme has been changed
+ Stuff happened and I was very limited with what I could work with due to a bit of changes with the hosts way of doing nothings. Did an alright job I guess.
+ If you have issues I'd suggest contacting me directly via pm, note, or chatbox/chatango

- 2 New Groups have been added
+ 2 User Groups 'The Workers' and 'Event Bacons' have been added
+ 'Event Bacons' are for those who wish to organize events right here on our events sections. Due to the lack of events I'd like for a few people to set some up and use the forums to list/organize.
+ 'The Workers' are for those who would like to basically "help" on the Special WIP section. It's just free time really for those that wish to draw and etc. More info is posted in the section as to what's needed but it's currently paused for LIFE reasons.

- Points and Karma added
+ Not sure what to use them for, but hey might as well put them in.
+ There are + and - signs near the top right of each post to add and subtract to karma.
+ You also gain points/karma when posting on creating topics.

- Images get resized
+ The large images get quite annoying from time to time so now the site auto resizes the image to 300 x 100.

- Scrolling Announcements
+ Mini-announcements by me or Marie can be made and appear right above the Chatbox. They'll probably have event info or just random things from time to time.

- Multi Quote Feature
+ Multi quote... haven't tried it but it is what it is.

- Friend and Foe Feature
+ Located in your profiles, should be obvious how to use it, but what it does exactly besides tell people things... I have no clue

That should be about it for list of changes. I'll be doing a few more site changes from time to time over the course of the week. If you have suggestions, then there is a section for that.

Now for curious people or those who don't want me to "lul" anymore at random comments made ingame or out please open the spoiler otherwise remain ignorant forever and be happy =]


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PostSubject: Re: Updates and Updates~   Mon Jan 11, 2010 5:59 pm


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Updates and Updates~
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