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 Some srs bsns and some not so srs...

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PostSubject: Some srs bsns and some not so srs...   Mon Jun 29, 2009 5:17 am

First off image isn't mine~ nor is it Levi chara in Hana book lol~

Well the serious business first.

Lately we have had a few of our actives leave guild for whatever reason. Though I have been sort of inactive for the past few weeks (mainly due to school or rather just life in general), Summer classes will soon be over by the end of July so expect me to be slightly more active then. Maybe even picking up my leveling once again.

Another thing is that on Saturday I practically kicked 60+ members that were inactive for about 6 days and up (except for the few senior members). My kicking sprees will now happen every Saturday and unless notified via note or word of mouth for an absence exceeding 5 days, you will be kicked from guild. This doesn't mean that you can't rejoin if you want to. Just reapply and leave a message in your application or better yet, note me.

And concerning future applications, it is now strictly 'invite only' unless you were formerly a member of the guild and want to come back (Of course after I consult with the members online at the moment). All this is just so we'll just have a slightly cleaner guild list and less randoms much...

Side note: Leader will be temporarily passed to Makaasu until the end of July when I'll be more active...

Now for the less srs bsns...

'BlazBlue' coming out this week so I'm like... do want.... I might disappear a bit but still log on from time to time especially Saturday. Is fightan game so wont last too long, hopefully. Also might go and try out the mmo 'Aion' when its out, but doesn't mean I'm quitting Mabi lol

Now if you've been paying attention to guild chat, a few of us (mainly me) have taken some random side project to just do. It's based on Hana's book and mainly being worked on by me, well converting anyway. Don't expect much, but here's a little fun thing to guess what it is though it's pretty obvious~

That's all for the announcements I think... I'll edit if I remember something, though don't think that many people actually read what I write here anyway lol...

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Some srs bsns and some not so srs...
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