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 Trouble OTL!

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PostSubject: Trouble OTL!   Fri May 08, 2009 8:06 am

Don't think I need to keep listing where I snatch mah images~ (points to previous posts)

IN ANY CASE... silly me couldn't keep away from the manga and somehow during my online reading I managed to get myself infected (not irl =p) but more like "Trojan GET!" and "Malware GET!" and "Uneeded BHO's GET!" etc etc from Mangafox =x. 2nd time now I swear... and all I wanted to do was read the latest update for Until Death Do Us Part /swt. Was doing scans and stuff and sorta fell asleep, but managed to eliminate a lot of problems but still it even changed my firefox settings for a sec and made me "lolwut" after it said something about "proxies" but fixed that too with a bit of searching and setting changes. Been doing multiple scans and etc so shouldn't be too much of a problem... at least doing better then when it happened last time. Anywhos... I prolly wont learn my lesson and go back to reading the manga there, but w/e as long as my animu files are unharmed (transferred all animu and copied music into external just in case)... no animu to rate anymore~ too much to really go over all the time lul.
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Trouble OTL!
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