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 Ha Finally!

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PostSubject: Ha Finally!   Fri May 01, 2009 10:48 am

pixiv has a lot of great pics ne~

Morning was awful. Sleep interrupted. 70 dollars spent. Nausea and complete Exhaustion. Least Nx problem solved for May. In any case "Ha Finally" means 3 Shows I've been eagerly waiting for tehe~

K-On 05

Show starts off with already putting me in deadly with a scared Mio not wanting to see Yui's peeled skin due to her guitaring. Ritsu of course uses this chance to tease her. Poor Mio. But main focus is definitely Sawako sensei. Seems they're trying to get her to be the adviser for the club and it isn't going too well until of course they find out her secret. Ritsu then blackmails her!! Poor Sawako... j/k... she's quite an interesting character herself. She like has some sort of double personality that's just like... WILD!... will be interesting to see what happens from here on out. This ep also showed us the many faces of Yui and of course MUGIVISION! Seems she might have a thing for shoujo ai though just slightly (thought she was interested in Sawako sensei at first =p... though even now still not sure). Then we finally get to see a song next ep since Mio seemed to have composed a song though its quite different from what Ritsu imagined. Light and Fluffy Time~ anyways Yui was supposed to be the vocals but due to Sawako sensei's special training her voice has become hoarse and now its left to Mio to sing it next ep!! -Mio splodes- -Levi dies- Can't wait can't wait ^____^ 4.5/5 Stars

Now Asura Cryin' 04 and Saki 04

Asura was weird somewhat in the beginning but seems main point was explaining a bit about Contract with a Demon though Kanade was so -heart- in this ep a bit. Hauuuuu~ As Misao puts it she's burning up~ but Reishirou isn't actually happy about it. Theres also a quick pantsu shot~ though not Kanade's. No Aine this ep =<. But next ep looks sort of fun and very servicey, but speaking of service we turn to Loli Mahjong~ whch in turn deals the finishing blow to my already weakened state. Seems in a way Haramura and Saki want each other -heart- maybe~ It's yummu though the way Haramura blushes thinking about what Saki says in the rpevious episode. But... mroe importantly MAID CAFE!! Loli Meido Mahjong~ though Tacos isn't in the cafe she borrowed a meido uni anyway =9. We also see both girls get beat down by a pro mahjong player =[, though a scared/shivering Saki in meido uni is fien too... next ep preview didn't do anything to help me either... loli fanservice -dies-. Asura gets 3.5/5 Stars and Loli mahjong gets a yummu 4/5 Stars .

Already looking forward to the next episodes ^___^. Also a little treat~ Moe Moe Kyun~ Seems to be a poster scan~ its the K-On Girls with Sawako Sensei~ -dies- Make sure to view image since its gets cut off~

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Ha Finally!
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