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 Tacos Wins! j/k...

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PostSubject: Tacos Wins! j/k...   Thu Apr 30, 2009 9:32 am

-from Pixiv-

Still no loli mahjong -sadface- Wasn't on Mabi much yesterday was practically asleep for like 12+ hours =x. After all the sleep all I did was watch a few shows and play some more Tears to Tiara. Story is quite interesting although Utawarerumono still seems better. 22 Hours played so far on my save file and I think I'm getting close to the end (almost have all the H Scenes =D and omg a tentacle scene lul). Hoping latest Saki ep is released today, but happy that Asura Cryin' 04 is out -downloads on-

As for the shows I watched... nothing special except

Valkyria Chronicles 04

Milly and Lelo... uh... I mean Seravaria and Maximillian finally appear though only for a short while yay!! Episode mainly about discrimination etc etc, but more importantly lot's of Alicia teasan gaems~ poor girl and poor Welkin at the end. Episode itself was mildly interesting seeing as how silly fat Damon got pwnt after basically telling Welkin "We don't need you're help." Made me go "ha!" but was expected anyway. Next ep of course has squad 7 along with squad 1 do Damon's failed mission on their own. We'll get to see Faldio and his Squad 1 in action =3. All in all a decent episode. 4/5 Stars

Hanasakeru Seishounen 03 Li Ren gets srs fer reals. Why doesn't Kajika get it already... 3/5 Stars
07 Ghost 04Mermaid!! Kawaii~ And we some more action and a scythe. Shows already been a rollercoaster with the fighting scenes then the calm. Looking forward to more =) 4/5 Stars

now back to some TtT... god though, summer class reg next week -_-

edit: Game beaten yay... doing the bonus scenario =x so far 2 ultimate weapons get... but yeah all CG and Scenes get~
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Tacos Wins! j/k...
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