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 Ah~ Riannon~

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PostSubject: Ah~ Riannon~   Wed Apr 29, 2009 3:48 am

Arawn and his lil harem~

but yeah recently started playing Tears to Tiara, which is where the top pic is from, and so far its been mediocre, but I'm not that far. Doesn't look too hard really, but more importantly I'm already seeing a lot of differences from the animu though its only on episode 4. Not so much disappointing rather both have their charms I guess. Riannon in the game seems more yummu and animu has yummu twin tail loli meido Ermin =>.

now game I really want to play is Voices from Harr Megiddo which is an 08 Aqauplus game. No ENG trans yet =<.

As for animu i watched today, have a lot on the Download queue, but only really saw 1 and its~

Tears to Tiara 04

Twintail Twintail loli meido loli meido~ It'd be weird if thats all I said, but Nosebleed
Episode has Arawn just enter Avalon and we get introduced to more characters. Limwris, Ermin and Epona... mmmm. And we see a short scene with humongous crabs, but sorry no epic crab battle =x. All in all show continues to entertain me and while I'm already past this point in the game I'm already seeing a lot of differences, in a good way though. Hoping it'll continue to not disappoint =9. 4/5 Stars

Surprised though that still no Asura or Loli Mahjong ep up =<
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Ah~ Riannon~
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