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 Moe~ Moe~ Kyun <3~

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PostSubject: Moe~ Moe~ Kyun <3~   Tue Apr 28, 2009 4:04 am

Little treat from Pixiv~... anywhos this isn't some "What's Happening in the Guild now?" update but moreso just me wanting to share my thoughts on stuff... I'll be doing this daily maybe~ if laziness doesn't hit me.
Think of this as Levi's Animu/Random Corner \(^0^)/ Post

As you may, may now or may not know... quite a lot of fun series this spring season. Quite delicious actually in more ways than one, but not like I'll be treating you with direct DLs to the shows, I'm just really going to sort of put what I thought of each and base it on a 1-5 star level... 1 being bleh and 5 being wow~


first show I viewed today happened to be Sengoku Basara 04

-As nice as it was seeing some Nobunaga just be all Demon King Demon King, I just couldn't help but continue being annoyed with Azai. Spouting all that defender of justice stuff is just meh. The episode was also filled with a lot of the "prepare for war" dialogue and not much fightan gaems, but hopefully it will lead to some nice battles from here on out. All in all it just seemed like those calm before the storm episodes but as I said hope we do see a storm. The preview though looks hopeful. GIANT MECHA TADAKATSU HONDA!! Haha... and it wouldn't be a Sengoku Basara episode without Date's random engrish and YUKIMURA!! OYAKATASAMA!!. Just can't seem to get tired of that OP, A.B.S. 3/5 Stars

Now for some Lunar Bust~ er Basquash 04

-Last ep left off with Dan, Miyuki and Old Guy getting approached by~ Lunar Bust Lady from the Moon~ (who seems to have a fetish for feet.) This episode also didn't have a lot going on despite the last 3 episodes, but last half was definitely nice. Dan seems to have discovered an 'awesome' strategy to finally win. Which he discovers after getting beat by maso girl Sela. Overall it looks as though the show is 'starting' I should say and is finally done with introduction so we'll finally be able to see some real matches. But yeah nothing else to talk about much cept lots of -boing-. 3.5/5 Stars

Finally we have Tayutama ~Kiss on my Deity~ 03

-Sad Goddess is Sad. Episode has all poor Mashiro confined at Flawless ;_;. Although she could prolly use her supernatural powers to get out she wants to make them understand who she really is although, seems everyone thinks she's crazy at Flawless. lol@counseling. Lots of Kisaragi this ep too ^___^. It's basically your typical hero rescues damsel in distress episode and hero declaring basically his 'love' in a way I guess. Anywhos problem solved for now :3 though by the looks of it looks as if one of the evil deity's are finally going to make their move and think imouto is being targeted ;__;... hope she'll be fine (though we can prolly guess everything will work out anyway =p). By and by not much else save for poor Ameri trying to get Yuuri away from Mashiro and telling him to forget about her. Poor Ameri we all know who hes ending up with at the end unless show pulls a Shuffle... ha. 4/5 Stars

didn't watch much else today but I'll spare you my thoughts on these shows :p
Koukaku no Regios 16 Jus moar failNina and some Layfon being Layfon 3/5 Stars
Fullmetal Alchemist 04 Y U DO DAT Shou Tucker!? 3.5/5 Stars
Shugo Chara Doki 80 I'm surprised I'm still watching this show =x, but Amu kawaii~ 2/5 Stars

anywhos generally from now on I'll be doing things of this sort time and time again =D... too bad there was no Saki today =[ and i random lol'd at this for some reason... although jsut ignore the Mio's =p

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Moe~ Moe~ Kyun <3~
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