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 Levi is back~

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PostSubject: Levi is back~   Thu Feb 19, 2009 8:54 am

Sorry sorry for being absent for about a week ;A;

so many things came up and yeah couldn't really log on on~

Internet was installed earlier than expected -friday-

But to basically outline why I couldn't really log on sooner...

Friday- Internet Set Up, Packing/Moving/Cleaning

Saturday- Date

Sunday- Computer Infected, Computer Fix Attempt Failure, System Reformat

Monday- Getting Back Files, More Cleaning/Packing/Moving with some animu~

Tuesday- Same as Monday except played a lot of FFIV -Fought Rubicante (Cecil lvl72, Rosa lvl70, Rydia lvl68, Kain lvl71, Edge lvl52) lol@Edge-

Wednesday- Same as Monday but with Manga reading online though that was the cause of the computer infection on Sunday /swt

Thursday- Logged on fora bit adn talked to Sam Smile -still have a bit cleaning and stuff to do so I prolly wont log in til later tonight again

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Levi is back~
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