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 hi baconz long time no talk

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PostSubject: hi baconz long time no talk   Wed Dec 17, 2008 6:07 pm

as you all know ive left the guild on a numerous of occasions:

1) i was bored.

2) wouldnt be that active.

3) friends wanted me to start a private guild.

things that have happened since then:

1) i became a girl to marry my friend that i know irl haha.

2) i got ar Very Happy

3) started a band.

4) figured out that started a guild of exclusive people is very boring.

so im thinking of quitting and coming back Very Happy

while i ponder Razz

heres my bands link:

we have 4 song that are NOT recorded and are original and very good if i say so myself--soon to be posted up--probably up over christmas break Woosh

heres a few band pics of the whole group:

the singer and lead guitarist, max

random pics of us:

haha and the last two were kind of goof offs >.> :

(from the last photo)
--refernces yagnesh (top left) is a guitarist
--max (middle top) singer and lead guitarist
--kory aka iceteasniper (the one i married) (top right) another guitarist
--me aka vyers (bottom left) keyboardist
--bendy (bottom middle) dummer
--my brother, bob, aka sogero (bottom right) bassist

Very Happy have fun lookin at the pics.
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hi baconz long time no talk
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