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 Nearing the end of the year~

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PostSubject: Nearing the end of the year~   Sat Nov 01, 2008 5:29 am

Have a nice Halloween? Smile

The screenshot event has come to a close...
Nightdragon - 110k + Wolf Hunter's Fierce Bastard Sword 5/5 Upgrades
Makaasu - 70k
Ghazalia - 40k
Marie5 - 20k
Puddingchan - 20k
Lordjosh - 20k
Chiko - 20k

Thank you for those that participated and those that tried to lol... maybe more events in the near future... still brainstorming on ideas though~

Congrats also to the ppl that got master titles ^_^ hope to see more get them... and as you may have guessed leadership has once again been passed back to moi. seen a recent growth as well in guild numbers so that's good. Since S4 is about to enter, I was planning to grab a house though don't rly know about guild houses or w/e everyone's saying and don't rly know if houses r going to b implemented this season considering Nexon hasn't rly put up that they will although I'm hoping it's like Barri Advance and they just decided to be hush hush about it...

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Nearing the end of the year~
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